2Pcs multifunctional eye makeup template eye shadow eyeliner makeup tools, new cat’s eye card

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Product name: Eyeshadow Eyeliner Makeup Tool

nbsp; product size Cat-shaped card is about 7*9 cm and paper card is about 13*18 cm.

Product Material:PVC

Product weight:15g

Product packaging: Paper Card Bag Packaging

Product characteristicsNew style, unique shape and exquisite workmanship

The material of the eyeliner card is environmentally-friendly material and can be reused. Material Microsoft, so that it can perfectly fit each person’s skin, easy to draw eye liner shape. The eyeliner card is not on the left and right sides, it is only one side, it needs to be drawn by equilateral, and the other side is painted on the other hand. Eyeliner card is mainly to facilitate you to draw a rough eye liner, but each person’s face is different, so the width and length can be adjusted according to their needs. The most important point is that the use of skills is very important, which is convenient for novices to use. It is suggested that we use it several times more, rather than one bad painting will be negative.

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Eyebrow Stencils

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